— это самая популярная программа международного культурного обмена, в которой участвует молодежь со всего мира.

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Au-Pair Kitchen


I chose Berlin

For my Au-Pair Year, I chose Berlin because it’s the cultural capital of Europe and everyday there coming a lot of interesting people from all over the world. It is also interesting that Berlin is...


Choosing a German mobile network operator For 5 euros per month you can get 100 minutes / SMS to any operator, and 100 MB of high-speed Internet (after it become to be unlimited, but on a slow speed). Another...


Strawberry cake (Erdbeerenkuchen) 15 min

Ингридиенты 1 Cake base 500 g Strawberries 1 cup, 250 g Mascarpone 1 cup Natural yoghurt, low-fat or whipped cream 3 drops Vanilla extract 100 g Blueberries 3 Fresh mint leaves Preparation Cooking time: about 15 min. / Difficulty: Easy...