What is Au-Pair program?

Au-Pair – is the most popular program of international cultural exchange, which involve young people from around the world.

  • The most effective way to learn a new or improve an existing level of foreign language
  • 12 unforgettable months in Europe or the United States and a lot of new experiences
  • A unique chance to see the world cost-effectively and to meet new friends
  • Opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of the country and the national characteristics of its inhabitants
  • The ability to enroll in a foreign university, or do a social year at the end of the program

 Au-Pair duties:

  • Look after the children: take the children to the kindergarten/school, play with children, read them a book, walk, dress, wash, cook them food, feed, etc.
  • Do light housework, mostly associated with children to help set the table or heat up the dinner, to maintain order in the room of children put in order children’s clothes, make small purchases, lay things in the washing machine and iron.

 Participants are given::

  • Free meals and accommodation in a separate room, as well as health insurance.
  • “Pocket money” from $ 350 to $ 780 per month (depending on the country). In Germany, 260 € + 50 € for a language course.
  • Annual ticket.
  • Free time to visit language courses and cultural events.
  • One and a half days (two days) totally free in a week.
  • The opportunity to travel with the host family.
  • From 2 to 4 weeks paid holiday.

Requirements for the Au-Pair in Germany::

  • Minimum age: 18 years to the beginning of the program, the maximum age of 27 years by the application for a visa;
  • Basic knowledge of the German language;
  • Duration of the program: at least 6 months, maximum of 1 year;
  • At least one minor child in the host family;
  • The absence of kinship between the Au-Pair and the host family.