I chose Berlin


For my Au-Pair Year, I chose Berlin because it’s the cultural capital of Europe and everyday there coming a lot of interesting people from all over the world. It is also interesting that Berlin is one of the cheapest cities in Germany.

The list of things that you should definitely do in Berlin:

1. Visit Reichstag

2. Try the famous Сurrywurst — but don’t expect to fall in love

3. Visit a candy factory Katjes Fabrik

4. Jump from the building on Alexanderplatz

5. Visit one of the free English Comedy Show in Teepeeland

6. Go to the mountain Drachenberg, where will be a large area where you can have a picnic and enjoy the view of Berlin

7. Visit the headquarters of Sony. It’s a beautiful place: buildings made of glass, a fountain, which always full of people. Also, there is a large theater, where you have the opportunity to watch a movie in the original language

8. Take a walk through Berlins bridges along the River Spree

9.  Visit Potsdam , which is a thousand years and where architectural monuments of past centuries survived more than around Berlin

10.Visit Buchstaben Museum. Would be interesting for Graphic Designers

11. Ride your bike through the streets of Berlin, it is a pleasure!

12. Polaroid camera with a big discount and other baubles at a flea market (Flohmarkt)

13. Look at the modern architecture at Potsdamer Platz

14. Go to the famous show Blue Man Group

15. Explore the history of Berlin in one of the 170 museums

16. Try the popular soft drink Club Mate (especially limited edition Winter edition)

17. Make it a huge amount of photos of Berlin Graffiti

18. Try the best burgers in Berlin Burgeramt or Shisoburger

19. Lost in the green park of Berlin: Tiergarten

20. To see the Brandenburg Gate, the TV tower and Berliner Dom

21.  Swim in the pool in the river

22. Shopping! Friedrichstrasse, Ku’damm и индийские бутики на Kreuzberg, F’hain & P’berg

23. Lose yourself inside Berlin’s surrealist bar experience

24. Go for a day in Tropical Islands, beautiful Potsdam or go swimming in Wannsee

25. Dance at the subway station

26. Have a picnic in the park or in the former airport (Monbijoupark; Volkspark Friedrichshain; Tempelhof)


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